Hot, Cold & Room Temp Bottom Load Dispenser Electric Cooler



Keep your water at just the right temperature with the Brio thermo electric hot and cold water dispenser. With a low noise compressor cooler and a high efficiency design, the electric water dispenser is ideal for work, home or other places where you find a water dispenser to be convenient. The hot water child safety lock assures protection against burns and the digital screen with status indicator makes operation simple. The Brio CL700 Stainless Steel Water Dispenser provides hot and cold temperature water so it's ideal to use regardless of whether you're making a beverage or cooking and you need the water just right. Each and every time, you'll get healthy, fresh-tasting water that's always perfectly tailored to exactly the way you want it. While they are durable enough to withstand years of abuse and heavy traffic, they also have a sleek, modern design that fits perfectly into any home or office decor, and a whisper-quiet running sound that will ensure they go unnoticed except when they are in use. Did we mention it's really easy to clean? This model is ideal to use in any environment whether at home or in the office. The CL700 is a great option for customers looking for a higher end cooler that do not have much space to accommodate a water cooler. The sleek design of the CL700 results in a smaller water cooler that can fit compactly in any corner of a room..

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